I venture towards Ruby on Rails

I now own my own Ruby on Rails book, a kind gift from my good friend Doug. I can’t get started on it right away due to certain looming deadlines called a content management system, written in PHP. I am, by the way, trying to come-up with name for it, if you have any ideas!

A couple things I’ve thought about since receiving this book:
1) The RoR people have it pretty good – the framework has already been built and pretty much standardized.
2) The PHP folks have a really strong, broad community, but it’s too bad there is no de-facto framework like Rails.
3) I’m still going to keep PHP as my primary language for some time, as I don’t see widespread RoR adoption in the near future. This is usually due to shared hosting being a couple years behind on their software updates. I’d like any software I plan on distributing needs to meet the lowest common denominator (at this point I’m pretty sure PHP5 adoption is still beyond RoR adoption rates)
4) I’m actually kinda excited to see what this stuff is all about. Now that I’m a professional developer I better start acting like one, right? I think it’ll be fun to give the “other side” a try!

And with this post, a new blog tag: RubyOnRails.

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