I never finish anyth

One of the latest tees from ThinkGeek is probably one of my favorites so far. White text on a black shirt says “I Never Finish Anyth”. Product page can be found here.

You gotta admit this is pretty funny – especially if you’re somebody like me with a lot of interests, but never the time to dedicate enough energy to all of them. Well, usually in hobby land, at least. Work is another story.

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  1. Hi Cameron,

    I know the feeling all too well about having lots of interests but never enough time to *really* invest in them. For example, I love playing guitar, but can’t find the time to really practice. There are more things I would like to be involved with at Flood, but I know there’s not enough time, unless I was retired.

    Is this feeling of never having enough time a curse in life? Or, my “thorn in the flesh”?. As you can tell, one of my top five strengths is not adaptability. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments!


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