Planning an App: Mobile User Experience and Interaction Design

This second part in the series,  How to Develop an App, in which I walk you through some of the common steps involved with taking an app idea and turning into an actual product. This article is intended for anyone interested in exploring some high-level concepts that will help you think about how the app should …

Easy App Promotion With Smart App Banners

You may have heard about Smart App Banners, introduced with iOS 6. They are a nifty way you can direct people from your website directly to download your app. These banners appear when somebody visits a web page with special code using Safari their iOS 6 iPhone or iPad. A small banner appears at the …

How to Improve Your App Store Search Visibility

Chances are you think the App Store rankings are a bit of a mystery. You’re not alone. Very few developers and publishers have any idea, much less take the time, to understand. That’s crazy! Why would you spend so much time and money building an app without thinking about how people will find it? You …

iOS Smart App Banner plugin for WordPress

iOS Smart App Banner plugin for WordPress

I just released version 1.0 of my iOS Smart App Banner plugin for Wordpress. This plugin lets you put a smart app banner at the top of your post or page when an iOS device visits in mobile Safari. It’s a great tool for app promotion that makes it very easy for people to find & buy your app in the App Store.

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