Changing scenery… Downtown!

It was a bitter sweet week this week. I took a job with a company in downtown (San Diego), thus marking my remaining two weeks at UCSD. Sweet, of course, because I’m finally at the level where my skills are (very) marketable. Bitter? I’ve been in research for over four years now – under Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Frank at the Center for fMRI and the Center for Scientific Computation in Imaging. I’ve poured a lot of my life into the Digital Fish Library as the sole web designer/developer, and I can safely say it’s a project I’m proud of. Of course, there are things that, given the time, I would change about it – mostly to spruce-up the design aspect, but such is life and I’m pleased with my work overall.

It’s time to move on. Opportunity knocked and I took it. I’m excited to start at 212Interactive on October 25 doing PHP/MySQL development…

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