Adding GD PHP support to Fedora Core 5 (FC5)

For some reason I thought GD was installed by default onto the DFL production servers… and that PHP was configured accordingly. I was wrong. But lo and behold I found a very simple upgrade path.

% yum install gd-devel
% yum install php-gd

restart apache:
% /sbin/service httpd restart

You’re golden.

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  1. Thanks… thats exactly what I was looking for. I had that problem for using Moodle platform.
    Thanks. I love youuuuu

  2. thx mate. trully golden rule that saved a lot lot trouble (compiling php etc…)

  3. Really appreciate you posting this pointer. I’m so used to recompiling from scratch, and happened to stumble across this. (And seems I’m not the only one…) Cheers.

  4. I tried all of this, BUT I get errors.

    Then any other install e.g. php-gd or gd its says “nothing to do” at the end


    Fedora Core 5 linux

  5. Wow, awesome!

    Thanks for that – worked for me, the first part was already installed, just needed php-gd.

    BTW, Im on FC9

    well happy



  6. This is it!!! 15 minutes in google search…

    This article really nead some keywords:
    yum install installing GD on php fedora core PHP GD support

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