Mr. Fish Lite is coming

If you’re interested in the DFL project, you’ll be happy to know that German and I are tasked with a bit of a crack programming job in the next week or so. Actually, we told our boss the idea we had about making a “Lite” version of the data viewer program that runs through some fancy AJAX and DOM scripting, with a Java frontend on VTK for the image production.

Crash course on DOM here I come!


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  1. Good day, I am a student studying at the VSB Continuing Education, Degree transfer program. I am currently studying
    Advanced Biology Continued (ABCONTSCI). We are currently studying sea life. We have disected 40 fish so far, mostly Trout, I heard about this software and thought that I may try to get a copy of it. Please get back to me ASAP. It seems like a very good idea!. Keep up the good work!.

  2. Hi Briand,

    Unfortunately, Mr. Fish Lite isn’t for download. It is designed to be a web-based front-end to a stripped-down version of Mr. Fish. Though I no longer work for the Digital Fish Library, I can tell you that they are still developing the software for segmentation and dataset viewing. Just keep checking back to the DFL website from time to time – I’m sure they’ll announce when Mr. Fish is available.

    Good luck!

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