Export Evolution contacts data to Apple Mail

It was bound to happen – I finally got a Mac at work for most of the web/media authoring I do. It’s important for me to at least be able to send email (i.e. attachments) without having to go an extra step by copying things like PSD and movie files over to linux just so I can send an email from there…

* Open the Evolution Email app and go to your contacts card
* Select all the contacts
* Right-click one of them and select “Save as VCard…”
* Save the file as list.vcf
* Open in Apple mail (you’ll need to email for FTP the file over to your mac)

You’re done.

The one thing I was surprised (and a bit annoyed at) was that is a lot of Evolution metadata that’s been stored in the Apple address book: Things like “X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS: Last, First”, X-EVOLUTION-LAST-USE, and X-EVOLUTION-USE-SCORE. Otherwise, it’s alright and definitely a lot better than having to retype all your contacts manually.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I consider this one of those lovely hidden obvious features in Evolution. I got “wrapped around the axle” looking for the export option in the menus. Using your instructions I was able to quickly export my contacts and load them into Horde’s IMP so I have my contacts while my DSL is down and I’m lliving from a dialup.

    Sorry to hear about your conversion to Mac but that’s still better than Windows. Of course you still might be able to run Evolution on the Mac with a little work.

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