The Human Connection

From Brent Simmons’ post: Why I Love Indies and You Do Too:

I’ve noticed something obvious about popular music — it’s almost never instrumental. There’s always a human voice singing a melody. We humans love human voices.

That’s what we get from indies that we don’t get from corporations. We get that human voice and the emotional connection that goes with it.

Knowing that I’m using software by individual developers or small teams, creates a special connection to real people that doesn’t come from the likes of Photoshop, Office, or any other Large Corp application. Indies, and those who wish they were, care about things like craftsmanship, creativity, human connection, dedication to the process, and the ritual. We are feeling the collective pang of defeat little-by-little as it all seems to slip through our fingers. Holding onto the “Indie” hope is becoming more like grasping the sand – we don’t quite know what to do as it slips through our fingers. If nothing is done, we’ll be left holding nothing.

I don’t mean to be doom and gloom. I think there is plenty of work out there – some of it rewarding. It’s just that doing your own thing, on your own product, on your own schedule is a dimmer possibility than it seemed in the past. I don’t think it has to be over.

So by all means – get a job or consult, if that’s what keeps the lights on. Spend your free time doing what you love to do. Create. Craft. Build & Run. Nobody is saying you have to do it  full-time to be a success. Success is paying your bills, savings, taking care of family, and may more things. Icing on the cake is making great things for people so their lives can be just a little bit better – because you stepped up to the plate and made it happen.

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