Samsung Dangling the Carrot for Tizen Devs

Samsung offers $4 million bounty to populate Tizen app store.

So, Samsung is offering $4M to developers to write apps for the Tizen platform. The kicker – Tizen isn’t Android. It’s a linux-based mobile OS that focuses on hybrid web technologies, much like WebOS.

Let’s put the news into some perspective:

  • Samsung is undisputedly the largest Android mobile vendor
  • They’re reliant on Google for Android development
  • Tizen can run Android apps
  • Samsung hardly mentions “Android” on their consumer-facing websites

This is a great opportunity for them to build an independent platform and be in control of their  own destiny. From the business standpoint, this makes strategic sense to become a new market leader, though it’s hard to say whether or not this will end up being a good idea.

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