If your site goes down, does it make a noise?

I don’t go to my brochure site very often. It’s there for the curious client who needs the reassurance that I know what I’m doing. Considering I haven’t made any significant changes in quite some time, I had no reason to go back, but apparently I should have. At some point my .htaccess file went missing, which was pretty good to foil even the best attempts to view pages other than the home page. I have two questions: 1) How long were all these links broken – that I didn’t even notice it, and 2) Nobody said anything – why?

Regardless, everything is fixed now. Typing my name into Google or Bing will fetch either this blog or the brochure site in the top 2-3 positions. If you haven’t been yet, check out archive.mistercameron.com .

Cue deriding comments.

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