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I still haven’t decided on a name for my CMS, though I have a couple of good ideas that I’m going to think about in the next couple days/weeks. On the same note I’m also considering a name for my company. My First/Last name works well enough, but I’d like something a bit more formal sounding, and since my San Diego business tax is going to be due soon, now is a good time to decide on something official.

On to the milestone: The CMS is finally at a point where the content management works all on its own. New pages and content can all be edited/added/deleted from within the CMS itself. There are still several major things required on the backend, but a significant number of those items should take a very small amount of time to fix/implement (for example, only displaying navigation links to pages a user has privileges for).

Items of development to come soon:

  1. User registration
  2. Admin: User/Group management
  3. File Uploads

I will reveal more details of the CMS features as it nears completion – probably early winter (January?). I will say this – a LOT of work has already been done on framework-like functionality so adding new things is going pretty quickly.

This CMS will be used on a number of the websites I’m developing into the future, so it’s important I pay a lot of attention to detail up front – the very reason it’s taking me so long to produce! Seriously – the first CMS I ever wrote only took a couple weeks full-time to program and fit into very simple templates. This one, however, will blow that one out of the water!.

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  1. Planning on it… eventually. The first real test will be on my church’s website redesign this winter. Once that’s well underway I can focus on getting the CMS website up to speed.

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