DFL major release!

Lots of news over here at the Digital Fish Library. We just moved the production, qa, and dev staging sites to our new servers over the weekend, and at the same time made some major updates public that will surely allow the website to grow with few pains over the next several months.

1) Family accounts: read-up on various fish families we have in our digital collection. Be forewarned that a lot of the content is not yet available because our editing timeline is a bit behind schedule.
2) Different browse views: peruse the collection by recent additions/edits, species name, family name, and soon by Order.
3) Habitat identification tags: quick visual reference of what types of habitats the fish are typically found in.
4) RSS Feeds! We now have an RSS feed of all recently updated species accounts. You can also plug it into your Apple RSS screen saver (how cool!): http://www.digitalfishlibrary.org/feed/. We have it running on the active display in our lab’s waiting area right now.
5) Lots more content (just about). We have a lot more content going up today. Stay tuned.
6) Cross-linking: We link back and forth between family and species accounts, as well as to the SIO MVC database and Fishbase.
7) Photos: we’re in the process of adding photographs of the fish to the species accounts. It just makes everything look nice and museum-like.

My last day on the project is Oct 23, but you can expect a few more minor updates before I leave.

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