DFL site update

I’ve been making a lot of minor updates to the DFL website. I finally got around to making the site look decent in Internet Explorer. I really should have done it earlier. The only major rendering differences between the Safari/Opera/Firefox camp and IE is the location of the main page block: IE positioned against the left edge of the screen, S/O/F is centered (the way it’s intended). Essentially IE doesn’t recognize the align=center attribute on div tags to mean the div should be centered on the page. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Near-term plans:

  • The hierarchy algorithms I’m working on for my own personal (read: consulting job) use are going to be put to use to create a fish cladogram – essentially a tree diagram showing the relationships between different species of fish.
  • Carina is workring on writing and rewriting content for the site – make it a bit more user-friendly.
  • We’re going to be adding habitat profiles for all the fish in coming weeks. Among them: Fresh water, Pelagic and deep sea, intertidal, hard bottom, soft bottom, neritic, and continental slope.
  • Glossary of terms: Carina is collaborating with the Phil Hastings and HJ Walker on putting together a glossary of terms we’re going to be using on the site.

I’ll post updates as new features are added.

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