Zend Framework Quick Review

First off, I’ve been having some problems getting things up and running due to a few errors in the code. Tried some of the fix suggestions by Andi Gutmans here, but to no avail. I also didn’t try too hard to correct these problems. After all, I was more interested in seeing how the code works than I was actually seeing work.

Want to do a Flickr search? Five lines of code!

require_once 'Zend/Services/Flickr.php';
$flickr=new Zend_Service_Flickr('api_key_here');
foreach($photos as $photo){
echo'Thumbnail->uri .'" />
echo $photo->title."

To import an RSS feed:

$feed = Zend_Feed::import('http://news.google.com/?output=rss');
foreach($feed->items as $item) {
echo "

echo $item->link() . "


So, by these code examples alone there’s a lot of promise for this framework, especially considering the amount of development overhead involved in coding similar functionality in your own applications. From the code I’ve seen these demos I’ve copied here are fairly representative of how the Framework is used. At the moment its much too early to begin using the Framework in a production environment, but keep an eye on its development, as it will soon be one of THE tools for rapid PHP app development.

One final note: Check-out the webcast I linked to in a previous post for more details. No point in me duplicating the content here. Check back in the future for further reviews as this Framework develops.


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