Newsvine – out of beta

Well folks, Newsvine is finally out of private beta!

It’s a great spin on aggregating news over the net. First, it claims to put wire news up faster than any other site because it skips all the editorial processes that most news websites (think CNN) go through before anything makes a page. Thousands of articles are instantly available from the AP, ESPN, and others.

Second, users have the chance to seed articles. In other words, you can point other readers to news elsewhere on the net that you find particularly interesting or worthwhile.

Third, it allows users to submit their own articles – much like a type of blog. But it’s more than just a blog. Consider it a place to write news articles and editorial pieces for others to read. Gain a following. Earn money through advertising click-throughs.

One thing that really makes this site stand-out is the amount of news on it… and it’s well-organized. Really well organized. Users also have the opportunity to vote for articles, pushing them up the page. In other words, the more popular content gets more exposure.

Check it out! Newsvine

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