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So far it looks like my NVDIA Fedora Core 4 video driver install post is by far the most popular. Before we know it, I’ll probably end up doing a Fedora Core 5 NVIDIA video driver install tutorial (though I can’t imagine it would be much different).

Coming in a close second is the rsync backup tutorial from not so long ago. It has actually been working really well so far. The scripts run faithfully at their predestined times and about 2.5 hours later I have a full backup.

A distant third is the Zend Framework review I wrote. Honestly, there probably aren’t a whole lot of people interested in the topic, and I could have done a better job. There just seemed to be some problems installing it that went unresolved (and I didn’t quite have the time to figure them all out before my mini review). I have some new fodder for discussion, though, now that my good friend Doug is now developing a site in RoR for work.

Please comment on the content of this blog. I’d really like to begin posting more about things people are interested in. Certainly I’ll continue to post on all sorts of things I find myself doing, but it also wouldn’t hurt to expand on some more than others. One thing to come will be deploying a site on a 50-node rackmount server farm for the DFL. We’re not using 50 nodes because we think we’ll have enough web traffic to utilize that much horsepower. Rather, it’s for web-based scientific computing – all controlled through the PHP-based site.

So… let me know what you want to see!

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