And thus the second day of ApacheCon is over. It’s been a great conference so far, and I’ve learned quite a bit. My favorite talk thus far was the one on Web App Security by Christian Wenz. He’s one of Chris Shiflett’s buddies (who I also had a chance to meet this morning after the talk) over at PHPSec. I already knew what sorts of things went into breaking into sites, XSS, etc, but what I saw today was quite jaw-dropping at how easy it really is to do all these things. I suppose what’s been a great benefit to PHP will also be the downfall for many sites out there whose programmers haven’t been careful enough to check for tainted input.

Here’s a good start for those of you interested in more PHP security: http://www.phpsec.org/

Thanks to German, the DFL story is getting around a bit. A lot of people really don’t know what to think when they hear about it, and understandably so. Then again, we’re also among the very few who belong to academic/non-profit organizations (FOSS aside). In essence, it’s an odd data processing web app built with Java and PHP. It’s a pretty original idea, and there have been very few, if any, projects to come before us doing similar things (none quite to this extent).

And thus we begin

Like so many others attending ApacheCon 2005, I’ve been inspired to begin blogging some of my web programming experience, so expect to see short explanations of my ideas, and probably several snippets of conceptual code. I’ve spent some time on the forums over at PHPBuilder from time to time as I develop for work, but now I think is the time to put a little more direction into my work.

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